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Spring Flower

Spring Flower

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Spring Flower comprises species which can be sown during autumn to provide earlier spring flowers and with the added benefit of ground cover vegetation over winter as the plants are resistant to frost. Flowers start blooming in early spring and continue into early summer. Highly recommended for sowing in proximity to compliment spring sown Euroflor mixes for example, in bands to benefit from extended seasonal flowering from spring through to the first frosts on the same plot.  If cut back at the beginning of summer, it may flower a second time in autumn.


Composition: Annuals 75%, Biennials 15%, Perennials 10%

Flowering height: 60 – 70 cm

Sowing rate: 2.5 to 3.5 g/m²

Flowering period: Apr, May, Jun, Sep, Oct

Coverage (1kg): 285 – 400 square metres