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This vegetative cover and root growth reduces soil erosion and the leaching of valuable soil nutrients over the winter. Weed seeds are less likely to establish, through competition and this may lead to less herbicide applications the following spring.

Reviva can be a beneficial crop between annual cultures of Euroflor urban meadow mixes, sown in September and cultivated into the soil the following April. It can also be spring sown to protect topsoil piles and improve soils that would otherwise be bare of vegetation and susceptible to weed infestation.

Reviva has not been designed specifically for its flower display. However species such as Purple Tansy, Lucerne, Sainfoin and Crimson Clover attract bees in great numbers to their flowers.


Composition: Annuals 45%, Biennials 10%, Perennials 45%

Flowering height: 40 – 80 cm

Sowing rate: 2 g/m²

Flowering period: Mar, Apr, May, June, Sep, Oct

Coverage (1kg):  500 square metres