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Chameleon is composed of species which tolerate and thrive in environmental stress sites such as south facing walls and fences where the soil may be dry, shallow, stony and hot. It is particularly useful for kerb edging where regular grass strimming would otherwise be necessary. Not suitable for shade.

Poppies and Scented Mayweed give a light, airy feel to this mixture, later succeeded by the deeper, vibrant colours of Wallflower and Californian Poppy.

The flowering display of Chameleon will be full of surprises as different soil types and micro-climates will favour some species over others. It is for this reason that 16 species and varieties have been included to ensure it will adapt and thrive in the local habitat.


Composition: Annuals 85%, Biennials 5%, Perennials 10%

Flowering height: 40 – 50 cm

Sowing rate: 2.5 – 3.5 g/m²

Flowering period: April, May & June

Coverage (1kg): 285 – 400 square metres