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Laying Wildflower Turf

Turf Laying  - When laying the turf rolls, do not overlap the joined edges and do not create tension so that the joints pull apart. Care should be taken to ensure that all joins are butted up correctly to prevent the development of weeds growing up from beneath the turf. Providing this is achieved the laying of the turf should be reasonably quick as a bowling as a Bowling Green finish is not needed. Once laid water the turf well as this will help it to ‘settle in’.

Watering - Once laid water the turf thoroughly. If the soil is not soaked before laying it is important to check that this initial watering soaks through to the soil beneath the turf. During this watering check by lifting a corner of the turf to ensure that the soil is damp. Do not allow the turf to dry out during the time it establishes. For the first growing season it is important to water the turf occasionally, during extended dry spells. Once well established the wildflower turf will tend to cope with most circumstances but the flowers will benefit from water during very dry periods.

Fertilising - No fertiliser is needed, although in some circumstances, for example on a green roof or where the turf is on very low fertility soil such as sand or gravel, the addition of a light dose of fertiliser at certain times of the year may improve plant development.