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Benefits of Wildflower Turf

Wildflower Turf is a balanced mixture of wildflowers and perennials growing in a moisture retentive biodegradable felt, to provide an instant wildflower meadow. Wildflowers are notoriously difficult to establish when grown from seed, or even as small plug plants, in an existing lawn or meadow.  This is because of competition from already established aggressive grasses. Wildflower Turf provides the instant solution to this problem providing wildflowers which are already growing.

Benefits of wildflower turf:

  • Establishes a wildflower meadow instantly
  • Established plants are growing in a felt base, which acts as a weed barrier
  • The 50% wildflower and 50% perennials mix is pre-planted at the correct density to give optimum conditions for establishment
  • Low maintenance requirement – usually one cut per year
  • Attracts wildlife such as butterflies, insects and other invertebrates, birds and mammals
  • A prolonged flowering period providing aesthetic pleasure throughout the year