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Turf Laying Guide

Pre water the site if dry but do not apply too much water so the area becomes wet and muddy to work on. 

Begin on one side of the lawn and work across it.  Use Laying boards to avoid indentations from foot prints, wear soft soles if walking on the area is unavoidable. 

Lay the turf as if building a brick wall with staggered joints and closely butt each turve together making sure there are no gaps. 

Set up your sprinkler and water the turf as you are laying. 

Lightly roll the turf using a garden roller, this will help the turves to knit together and will help the turf to establish quickly.  (You can use a board attached to a broom handle at 90 degrees if you do not have a garden roller) 

For a really flat level surface apply a top dressing (sandy/soil mix) into the joints and address any minor hollows by adding or removing soil as necessary.