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Perfect Preparation

Preparing the site  

Clear the proposed area of perennial weed by applying a weed killer, such as roundup.  Wait for approximately 2 to 3 weeks for it to be effective.  The weed killer will kill the plant from the roots up so it will remain green initially.  Once the lawn has died back remove the dead grasses with a spade by hand, or use a turf cutter for larger areas.  

Dig or Rotovate the area to a depth of approx. 20-25cm (8-10inches) 

Well- rotted organic matter can be added.  This will be particularly beneficial for sandy soils where it will help to retain moisture.  Do not use un-rotted organic matter as this will cause uneven shrinkage when the matter decays. 

A level base is critical for a quality lawn.  To create a level base lightly tread over the area several times in different directions.  The ground should be firm but not compacted. 

For best results add a layer of root-zone sand/soil mix, this will help to take out slight undulations in the soil, creating a perfect base for laying the turf onto. Rake over the root-zone in different directions several times until satisfied you have the desired levels..  

Once you have prepared your site, apply a pre fertilizer.  There are many good quality products available on the market.  We recommend Caviar, this is molasses based product that will aid moisture and nutrient retention.

Caviar is beneficial for all new lawns it is particularly beneficial if applied to partially shaded areas.  You will see best results, if the fertiliser is applied before the turf is laid, although it can be applied after.