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Creating a Striped Lawn

Striped lawns look impressive and can be easily achieved, here are a few tips to help you create a beautifully striped lawn.

First, decide on a pattern, the possibilities are endless, from the regular striped lawn to diamond shape or checkerboards.  Consider the shape of your lawn, would straight lines or wavy curves work best?

Stripes are created when light reflects off the grass, the trick is to get the grass blades to bend creating either dark or light lines to produce a stripe or pattern.  If the grass is slightly longer it will bend easily, it is much harder to get a good stipe in a shorter mown lawn.

Ideally, use a mower with a roller at the back, this will help you to achieve a crisp line.  if you have a wheeled rotary mower, the stripe will be less defined, and the results will not be as sharp.  You can either buy a striping kit online or use a hand roller to create the effect.

If the lawn is a square or rectangular shape, start at the edge, using it as a guide to create a straight line, mow up and down and slightly overlap at each turn.

Unusual shapes and circular lawns are a little trickier, start at the widest point, once you have made the first stripe follow this straight line for the rest of the lawn.  A good tip is to look ahead rather than straight down.

Finally mow around the edge and to complete the look strim the edges plus any difficult areas that could not be reached by the mower.  By varying the direction of the cut from time to time to will avoid creating ruts in the lawn.