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Installation of an Urban Meadow

SEED BED PREPARATION (February to April)
Remove surface debris and stones >7cm or >5cm if the soil is very stony. Beware of imported, previously non cultivated and contaminated top soil which may contain a lot of weed seed that will later germinate and compete with Euroflor. The soil should be worked when it is moist but not waterlogged. Fertilisers and soil conditioners should only be added if a soil analysis indicates the necessity to do so and then added when the soil is being worked to ensure an even distribution. The soil should be worked to a depth of 4 -6 inches and raked to form an even seed bed.

Spring sowing: April, May, June. Autumn sowing: September, October. (Spring Flower, Flora Britannica, Souvenir, Alliance, Reviva only). See catalogue for details. Euroflor meadow mixes are not generally sown with grass seed.


Sowing should be done in the right weather conditions (no wind, low soil humidity etc). Sow at 3g/m², unless otherwise stated, mixing the seed with dry sand (ratio 1:10 or more). If possible sow twice, at 90°, in half doses to obtain a homogeneous seed cover. Raking is optional but the seed should not be covered with more than 3mm into the soil. The sown areas should be rolled lightly.

If the seed bed has been well prepared competition from weed species will be greatly reduced. Germination is temperature dependant and may take up to 3 weeks. The soil should not be allowed to dry out during this period. Euroflor will start flowering after 50-60 days.